Tanya Mason, Founder Tanya Does Hair LLC

My name is Tanya Mason and I have made an amazing discovery regarding the use of an Inorganic water I’ve named, MYWater™ Leave-in Hair Solution, for hair and skin.

My background includes 19 years of practice, certification and education in the theory and practice of Cosmetology with an emphasis on healthy hair and skin. Along the course of my career, I set out to learn more about the true road that lead to healthy skin and hair. This awakened in me a desire to help others solve their everyday hair and skin challenges. Through working with my clients on their hair and skin needs, I was able to identify a common issue, which was dryness. For years, I was distracted by the marketing ploys of hair and skin care companies and assumed that towels, shampoos, man made products and climate were the primary cause of dryness. Boy was I wrong.

Through extensive research, experiments and tests that I’ve conducted on over 400 women in Colorado, I am now convinced that the Water Treatment/Public Drinking System is the leading cause of dryness of the skin and hair. During these experiments, MYWater™ Leave-in Hair Solution was used and tested to treat/combat dryness in the hair and on the skin instead of conditioners or other moisturizing agents and the difference is a huge positive one. The conclusion that I was able to come to was that MYWater™ Leave-in Hair Solution provides a much more noticeable difference in cleanliness, softness and shine compared to when the tap water was last to touch the hair and skin.

It is common practice to rinse with tap water and then apply conditioner on hair after shampooing and lotion on the skin after bathing. Unfortunately, because remnants from the chemicals used to treat tap water and are added to all cosmetic products, our skin and hair are porous therefore, remnants are still left behind on the hair and skin…as we all see. My research has concluded that the effectiveness ofthese moisturizing agents and conditioners are severely limited if used after tap water.. My theory is that these chemical remnants prevent moisturizers from penetrating the cortex (middle/inside) of the hair shaft, which in return leaves hair feeling coated, instead of moisturized. This is what causes frizz on the hair. On the skin, the chemical remnants of treated water create a barrier, from penetrating the Epidermis (topical skin layer) which prevents any topical products from effectively reaching the Dermis.This is what creates chemical buildup on the skin.

MYWater™ Leave-in Hair Solution provides a mild option to resolve this very common issue. MYWater™ is an Inorganic water whose source is the tap but is much cleaner than public drinking water and only has one ingredient, itself. Nothing has been added to MYWater™ Leave-in Solution, making this product the only non-formulated hair and skin care option on the market today and provides the public with a holistic, safe option for healthy hair and skin. 

MYWater™ Hair Solution is a universal solvent and has proven to dissolve remnants more efficiently than any shampoo. In addition it replaces conditioner which not only saves you time and money but, because this product actually finally truly cleanses, it automatically softens the hair and skin.

I’d now like to invite you to explore my new, innovative, completely safe and effective approach to attaining optimum wellness for your hair and skin.

Tanya G. Mason, Founder